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Thanks guys!

I am just a lowly Arborist learning this turf thing, appreciate the feedback and help.

The bonemeal had some N in it which is why I leaned that way, and they had the proper sized bags vs 2lb bags of blood meal.

Compost will certainly go down, I put it down 1-2 times per year ritually.

I added some milorganite as well, did one bag over the roughly 2,000 sq/ft and threw a little down for my hydrangeas and dogwood.

I think I am good for this app......

What should I be looking at doing for my next round, and when should that be? Is Late June about right?

I need to get rid of this creeping charlie, stuff is ferocious! Dandelions are easy by hand, ol Charlie is a bit different. Uggghhhh
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