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Which to get for beginning business- Stihl KM130R or Echo PAS266 or


Here's the stats:

- Side job of 10 yards/week
- Trimmer just broke, need something ASAP
- Like the systems because it will save me money down the road
- Buying the straight shaft trimmer, curved edger, and blower attachments

I'm not going to be as busy or commercial as most of you seasoned veterans on here, but I also know there is no substitute for power. Given that this purchase will hopefully last me 15-20 years, the fact that the Stihl 130 is only $70 more than the km90 is negligible. I have called around and these are the 2 best quotes I've received:

Echo PAS-266
- Powerhead $280
- Trimmer w/ Pro Torque Head $100
- Blower $80
- Edger $90
Total = $550

Stihl KM 130R
- Powerhead - $340
- Trimmer - $82
- Blower - $89
- Edger - $89
Total $600

Which in your all's opinion is the better deal of the 2? Which do you prefer, recommend? Which should last longer for my moderate usage? This purchase I hope will last me a long, long time and I'm scared to pull the trigger.

Also, both dealers are great. The Echo dealer is Signature Elite and the Stihl dealer is Elite that has factory certified technicians. Both are family run and I trust the people at both locations.

Thanks a ton for your opinions........
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