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Originally Posted by glovelis View Post
Part Time. Started it in college as a side gig, I was working for an electric cooperative 20 hours a week. This is my 9th year teaching middle school science and 12th year mowing part time. I read alot of you guys complaining us part timers bringing the industry down. I for one am proud to say that I do everything by the books: taxes, insurance, etc. I also strive to price my yards competitively so to not leave any money on the table. I love cutting grass and making properties look awesome and hearing people talk about how well I do, it would be hard to give up. I also love teaching science and the two careers compliment each other (around 10 weeks off in the summer)

i'm glad you do your business like you do. i wish every part timer did that then everything would be ok.

i still don't see how teaching and mowing work together. maybe it depends on where you live.

here i start mowing in mid march and school doesn't get out until the end of may and then school starts back up in august and i mow until the end of october and do leaves in nov and dec.

to me there would be alot of conflict in the schedule. i would have to teach and mow at the same time for 4-6 months out of the year.
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