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Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
Here is what I have, hasn't changed very much since last year. Umass is the lab who performed the test.

More N as per their recommendation.

Boron .1ppm
Manganese 3.2ppm
Zinc 5.4ppm
Copper .5ppm
Iron 6.7ppm
Sulfur 14.7ppm

SoilpH 5.8
Buffer pH 6.8
Nitrogen 31ppm
Organic Matter 2.6%

Nutrient levels:
Phosphorus 6ppm
Potassium 143ppm
Calcium 520ppm
Magnesium 37ppm

Cation Exchange Capacity 3.9 Meq/100g
Percent base saturation K=6.3 M=6.1 Ca=50.7
Micro nutrient levels all normal

Extractable Aluminum 40ppm
Extracted lead 16ppm
Estimated total lead is 219ppm


If I read your post correctly your Boron is 0.1 ppm. Mass has a lot of rainfall so no suprises there....

Creeping Charlie is sensitive to Boron. Before you go applying any B, know it's role.....It is the "Gate Keeper" for Calcium uptake in plants. It should be between 1.0-1.5 ppm on your soil test.

"IF" you do want to apply some B based on your test results, I would purchace some Sili-Kal-B from Grigg Brothers. Follow guidelines of product.

Far safer than applying B from another source until you gain enough knowledge to calculate ppm's in a solution.

Zinc should be a min 6 ppm and good range is 10-20 ppm.

The Boron, Zinc micros range is from Logan Labs.

As mentioned by others too, some good compost topdressing won't hurt either
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