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ESP-SMT Watering Restriction programming question

I've talked to a couple of people about this and gotten a couple of different answers, I'll probably have to configure this on my own to see what happens but thought I'd ask here before doing that.

We have a purveyor that only allows watering 2x a week forever and ever but they're allowed watering window spans from 8P - 4A. So I'm trying to setup the SMT to accommodate that but I'm concerned about how it's actually going to work.

So say I'm allowed to water from 8P Sun - 4A Mon. If I allow watering on Sunday and Monday and set my watering window to 8P - 4A, will the controller still water on Sun between 12:01A and 4A and Mon between 8P and 11:59P when it shouldn't or is it smart enough to know that the watering window is meant only to span the Sun/Mon period?

In the meantime I've been setting them to water only on Mon between 12A - 4A, which is enough time for most of the residential systems I'm dealing with but I'd really prefer an answer that lets me give it the entire available watering window.
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