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Toro stand-on aerator questions:

1) With the amount of download pressure used to pull good plugs, how do the tines hold up going over tree roots, unexpected chunks of concrete, etc?
a) How often do you replace tines?
b) Do you replace tines due to damage, or just wear & tear?

2) We have a really great local dealer, so that's not a problem. And the Toro stand-on aerator is so easy to work on that we could do repairs ourselves.
My problem is they won't budge on price unless we buy more Toro equipment. I realize they are limited by Toro, so I can't blame the dealer.
I hesitate spending $10,000 on an aerator that is used only 5 - 8 weeks per year.
Then if I buy one, my luck is they will improve it the following year.

Where is TURFCO, RYAN, and others? Curious. We plan to buy a stand-on aerator in August....don't care what color it is, just so it's made in America & is high quality.

Thanks in advance for any responses. (kinda figuring others have the same concerns??)
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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