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Throwing KCl on centipede has caused me problems. It is related to type of soil and the existing chloride levels in that soil. I take what UH says about turfgrass with a grain of salt. Most of what is said is not research work. It is advice directed towards non professionals. There has not been a Turf Scientist at UH since Charles Murdoch. Jim Brosnan was here for about a year, then he left to UT. The closest thing to a Turf Scientist is the senior Weed Scientist.

What I do know is to be very mindful of what I apply to soils that are not only salt contaminated but hard to leach. I have also seen results contrary to what "universities" have been telling people about centipede fertilization once attention is paid to the source of N and K. No adverse effects have occurred on lawns fed 4-6 lb of N and an equal amount of K. No urea is used. All of the N is ammonium based except for the nitrates in potassium nitrate. What I consider a bad application on any variety of turf, not just centipede is one that forces a lot of soft surge growth.
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