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Husqvarna MZ6128ZT for $5000 new!

In our hunt for a lower cost 52" or larger ZT mower I found 6 new Husky ZT mowers on my local craigslist. They are all 2012 (BAD drought here) models with fan cooled and filtered zt3400 hydros, Briggs 28hp industrial endurance engines w/oil cooler heavy frame(heavier than our Toro 52"), fabricated mower deck, Ortega clutch and almost 5 gallon fuel tank! Not to mention I walked in to the local Husky dealer, told them I saw an ad for that model 28 miles away for $4999.00 and if they would match it we'd take it and BOOM on our trailer it went. Now a equal sized Hustler was $6800 with smaller drive tires and hydros, Toro dealer was $1000 higher than Husky on a 52" with the zt3100 hydro's and Walker/Ferris/Deere said they could not even come close.
Now I realize our Husky has aluminum spindles, but they have the same bearings and shaft/pulley saddle and blade as the commercial cast iron spindle and housings(cast iron) are $89.00 ea and it is a Briggs engine(Our new gen Kawasaki's are not all that either) but hey, 2 yr warranty on all and for the 15-20 hrs a week we will use it it was hard to beat!
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