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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That's what I thought it meant... so when the henbit is dead and dry, it is burned down and ready to seed...

More interestingly for me however, is that you've been doing no-till... Our experience around here is that no-till works OK for a few years but then the soil loses too much humus and needs to be turned...

How many years have you skipped plowing? and what kind of soils do you have??and are they holding up OK???

Thanks for any replies on the subject... I know that is not what yousigned up for...
I cant remember last time, We had are plows out. Was going plow the Food plots but weather went bad last fall

No-till drills are faster and save on fuel
All we do is Soy beans every year We add Fertilizer and Drill beans
bottom ground sandy black dirt what We have on
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