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Originally Posted by dropnbassonu View Post
This is exactly what I wanted to hear, somebody who has the blower attachment with the 130 head and has used it. Are you happy with it? Would you rather have the hand held or your attachment?
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I am happy with it and it's hard to beat the price to have a decent blower with no maint. I've never used a handheld before so I can't compare. What I can say is you might get tired of switching the att back and forth on every yard. I find the blower att to be easier and sufficient instead of throwing on a backpack for a little grass on a driveway and sidewalk. You are stuck in a hard spot. Buy the att and switch a lot, spend more money on a HH and be more efficient, or buy a br600 and get some leaf jobs in the fall. I would go with the 600 and also buy the att for backup. It's really a money and efficient thing to me. I also didn't say it had more power just more cfm. You have to factor in the mph too. I really don't know why they make the 500/550 anyway.
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