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Its all about numbers! I would think that for a mow blow and go operation it defiantly could be a challenge to see much profit with those prices. In my opinion mowing gets your foot in the door for all the other services you should be upselling. There is money sitting around in every yard. You just have to convince the customer you are the one for the job. Also Craigslist is full of people who will cut for 30$ or less. You need to separate yourself and your company from that stereotype. Do you cut grass for cash, or do you run a quality focused lawncare operation? Don't get me wrong I have pulled a few keepers from the CL pond when I first got started. After I started pre-qualifying my calls I realized there was few customers there in my target demographic. For the most part the people who call CL adds are only looking for the cheapest price. I want the ones who want the nicest lawn and know it's not cheap. Although I am a part-time LCO I am in your same predicament as far as being maxed out and finding help goes. Everytime I try someone out I end up having to go behind them and do it myself so essentially im paying a guy to watch me work while I end up spending more time than if I were solo. Thus cutting the yard for little to no profit. Helpers are great for sure when you are doing alot of manual labor but when they don't cut down on mowing time then it is a wasted expense. Unless you have the patience and bankroll to wait till they get better. The easiest and first place to look for to maximizing profit is to take a look at all the variables that you can control. Like efficiency on lawns, efficiency on your route, preventative maintenance on your machines to keep repairs to a minimum, learn to fix your own equipment when it does breakdown, dollar menu lunches, and especially the price you charge. If those areas are as tight as possible then you need to look in other harder to find areas to make more profit. I'm sure the 30 you charge covers your overhead and allows you some profit, but think about it 35 is still fair and bam there is 5 more bux of profit. If you do quality work people won't mind another 5er. Especially on a .5 acre lot.
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