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Thanks for all the input. I cancelled my lawn treatment service last fall at the behest of my wife...ugghh. Clearly should not have done that. Thinking of putting the house on the market soon so I really wish the bermuda was in good shape. I reached out to a good lawn treatment company that my friend uses and they were able to come out and apply a fertilizer w/pre-emergent last Friday. They also applied weed control to the lawn but said it might take a few rounds to get them under control. I used this week Ortho Weed B Gone Max to spot treat the broadleafs and some of the grassy weeds.

I am going to rent an aerator with my neighbor this weekend and also thinking of renting a power rake / dethatcher to do at the same time. Should I put anything down after aeration / dethatching...fertilizer, iron, lime, etc?

Thanks again -
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