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Originally Posted by IM_Kona_Brian View Post
Thanks for all the input. I cancelled my lawn treatment service last fall at the behest of my wife...ugghh. Clearly should not have done that. Thinking of putting the house on the market soon so I really wish the bermuda was in good shape. I reached out to a good lawn treatment company that my friend uses and they were able to come out and apply a fertilizer w/pre-emergent last Friday. They also applied weed control to the lawn but said it might take a few rounds to get them under control. I used this week Ortho Weed B Gone Max to spot treat the broadleafs and some of the grassy weeds.

I am going to rent an aerator with my neighbor this weekend and also thinking of renting a power rake / dethatcher to do at the same time. Should I put anything down after aeration / dethatching...fertilizer, iron, lime, etc?

Thanks again -
Bermuda Lawns that are rotary mowed need a lot more attention to chemical weed control. If you terminated your spray guy last year, the lawn missed the fall/winter herbicide applications that would have prevented most of what you are seeing now. Now is better than never and your current spray guy is being honest in telling you that it would take more than one treatment to clean that up. I tell people at least a month, Then they have to keep the lawn mowed correctly.
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