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Too soon to aerate. Wait til the end of May-beginning of June when the bermuda is vigorously growing. Also, get some fert down on it. That Poa Annua will die out soon when the temps get a little warmer so I wouldn't worry about it. Also, if you're gonna treat it yourself, go buy some celcius. Since you missed your Pre-emergent window, You can spot spray weeds all season in the bermuda regardless of temp with the celcius. You can't/shouldn't use the Weed-b-gone (2-4d) once the temps get into the mid-upper 80's or you'll burn the bermuda.

Most of the reason it looks a little thin is because its coming out of dormancy. It'll thicken up soon when it gets warmer. Bermuda loves Heat, humidity, and sun. The cooler temps we've had lately aren't helping it much. The upper 70's-low 80's this week will help kick it into gear.

Your front yard looks small enough that you could just rake most of the thatch in about an hour. I wouldn't worry about renting a power rake.

I bought a Tru-cut reel mower for my personal lawn in the fall and I've started using it this year. BTW I recommend Kent at Mower Medix out of Canton if you need your reel sharpened. $120 picked up and delivered for a grind on his foley grinder (a true grind, not just a backlap like some of the "reel mower sharpening" comanies around here sell). I got mine back from him this weekend. He did a good job and threw on a new chain I purchased free of charge. Very nice guy.

I scalped & bagged mine back at the beginning of April, raked up some of the thatch (didn't really have much) just to prep for reel mowing it lower this year. Then reeled it down as low as the Tru cut would go. It is already starting to spread despite the cooler temps. At the end of May, I plan on having a truck load of River sand delivered to top dress it. I've been slowly top dressing low spots over the last few years.

On my customer's lawns, I use a 36" WB with wavvy mulching blades cut a 1.5" in spring, then 1.75" as the season progresses. Always mulch except for the spring scalp when I bag.
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