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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Does your sharpening shop just spin grind or does he reestablish the relief? Spin grind only will work if you are cutting bent grass at putting green heights and you have the money to constantly regrind, then replace reels. On the other hand, I do know of these mobile sharpening outfits that try to backlap reels that have no relief left. Lots of reel mowers out here.
He does a relief grind. He doesn't actually sharpen on the truck, he has a foley grinder at his shop.That was one thing that took a while for me to find around here was someone who actually does a relief grind. Everyone claims to do "reel sharpening" but all they do is back lapping. I bought my reel used last year so I had no idea what the history of the machine was so I wanted to "start fresh" and have him do a relief grind and adjust everything back to spec.
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