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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Alot of those programs are very expensive. Im quicker doing designs by hand. But ive been drawings since elementary school. .
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Don't knock it till ya try it, you'd be amazed at what those "expensive" programs can do that you drawing by hand cannot. I've seen what programs like ProLandscape can do and it's amazing.

Originally Posted by Kleen Kutz View Post
I heard about that.
Who does your wraps for your Dodge?
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Kleen, don't give up on a company after 1 try, the guys at ProLandscape are really nice. I went with a friend to quite a few trade shows where they had a booth and even though I never got into that area they couldn't have treated me nicer. In fact my friend helped them with a sale to a guy that was a little skeptical about the software.
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