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"You cut down those beautiful trees so they could plant Palm Trees!!"

The client's neighbor saw a timberland rattle snake across the street last week & the client hates snakes and was afraid ole snake would crawl in bushes & bite someone lol. Snakes are rare around here except for a few garden snakes I see every now and then and are harmless. I caught a corn snake in my yard last yr & its the first in fifteen yrs I've seen a snake on my property.

Client said he was tired of trimming the bushes & there was another of that tree on other side but it died. Had holly, yaupon holly & Indian Hawthorne & lirupetalum bushes in the middle. Quite alot of bushes for client to keep up on his own.

Client's wife paid me, Said she was highly impressed that I showed up (as I said I would) and did the job quickly. Lol- she called me at 9 am this morning & asked when I was coming and I said, "Maam, I'm outside getting ready to cut up the trees"!" Said her hubby would be telling everyone about me

Been working there for years & these folks have lots of $ & very nice lawns/landscaping.

I could of prob charged more for the trees but being able to back in over the bushes & dropping limbs into trailer, I knew it'd be a easy/quick job. I could of dropped trees, then winched them on to trailer & cut em up also and saved more time.
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