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Chickweeds and Dandelion... new lawn last fall.


Stamford, CT.

I had a new lawn installed (killed out, top dressed, then seeded) last fall (actually the process was done 3 times..long story)... lots of bad weather right after seeding each time.

Finally ended up with green grass, but VERY patchy.

After talking to the lesco dealer, I decided to use Siduron and grass seed again this spring, which I did as soon as the forsythia bloomed about 2 weeks ago. Watering alot, but seeds are still sitting on surface - I don't think its warm enough yet.

Anyhow - I am noticing alot of what I think is chickweed, and a fair amount of dandelions... I just read the siduron fact sheets and it says it doesn't control chickweed or dandelions.

Original Plan WAS:
Forsythia Bloom - Siduron and Seed
+3-4 weeks - Siduron again
+3-4 weeks - Dimension (assuming grass seed is established) and Grub Control
Late August - Seed
Late Fall - Winterize (21-3-21 Fertilizer + Iron?)

Questions... pics attached:
1. Am I correct - Is that really chickweed?
2. Should I worry about the chickweed?
3. Is there a product I can use to control the chickweed and dandelions after I already put the siduron down without worrying about the grass seed I put down?
4. Pic of lawn from 2 weeks ago, and one from this weekend attached - seems like its filling in ok, but grass seed is still sitting on surface, no sprouts - I think soil is too firmly packed. Should I rent a power seeder and try again now, or just wait until fall and aerate, powerseed, etc...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.
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