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Originally Posted by dropnbassonu View Post
I'm sure you're right, but I was just going off of this thread on here I'll take a look tomorrow when I'm there and see for myself I guess.

There's a SH85C locally I saw on Craigslist for $125. The thing looks brand new. Maybe if I can get him to come down I'll have a winner.......
Ive got one, mine might be a sh86, I use it to vacumn hedge clippings out of pine straw, and a back up blower. Its a pos for me, it has poor vacumn and Ive replaced the bag at the cost of 60$ and at least 8 blades at 18$ each, last summer the muffler fell off and the bolts were broke off in the cylinder housing, and theres basically jb weld holding the muffler on. The unit is 5 years old.
Has a handheld blower its not all that great eighter. I dont know about the kombi blower because Ive never tried one.
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