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Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
I agree with you. Don't feel bad, people act like I'm crazy and have no clue what I'm doing all the time on here. I'm getting pretty tired of it. When I first came here years ago I felt like there was alot to be learned on this site where we all have some things in common. But now there seems to just be trolls and people who make themselves feel better by knocking you for trying to build a business
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don't worry about it man. it's just things are different from area to area. i used to live in woodstock close to where you are. i live in alabama now. the rules or fees and requirements in alabama are nowhere near the same they are in the northeast or even in atlanta for that matter.

people from a different area don't understand this because they aren't used to it. if i went to the northeast i would probably think being in this industry was a waste of time since they have alot more rules and regulations to follow.

here you can dump debris for free just about anywhere. we have city workers that pick up stuff by the street like limbs, grass clippings, or whatever for free.

it's just 2 different worlds. that's why we do things so differently.
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