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I lost all hope for advertising on c-list. Most are broke and/or cheap a$$es. I can't stand getting the calls from the morons wanting work done that day (1 time cuts) for next to nothing. I'm no longer advertising my company on that site. I had one good client last year (fert/weed control, a little bit of mulch & rock, and hauled in sand for their sandbox) but after sending them a renewal letter & proposal I heard nothing back, emailed and they said our services are out of their budget for this year and will let me know if things change. I myself would never consider going to craigslist to find a service company, google search is the way to go!

However, to completely contradict what I just said, I did land a nice quick money making dethatching only about 2 miles away from my c-list ad that I put up over a month ago, the client had a 40" gate or so to the backyard (very small turf area, had a very expansive landscape with a pool, deck, fireplace all with stamped concrete around) and was able to get my 36" Scag w/ JRCO rake in. The client had said no other company could get into the backyard with a dethatch rake, there's one reason I'll always have a 36" WB.
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