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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
yikes. it's the opposite here in the south. normally it's in the 80s or 90s this time of year but it's been in the 60s. it's like summer is never gonna get here but that would be a nice change of pace. i hate it when it's 100F with 90% humidity outside.
I'll take the hot & humid weather over the crap we have coming tomorrow through Sunday. It's been in the 70s & 80s and now we're forecast for snow tmrw night and just cold & crappy weather (nothing above about 45) until Monday when it'll be 70 again.

Originally Posted by rickpilgrim View Post
Here in North Central WI were running 20 degrees below normal, had to plow snow 2 weeks ago and the last 3 days have been 74 77 82 today and we are supposed to freeze again for a few nights starting tommorow.
Remember, no such thing as global warming
Nope! GOREbal warming is causing all this wild weather, gotta think outside the box .
I plowed a couple select areas in lots and shoveled & salted sidewalks last Tuesday morning and then froze my a$$ off at the Twins game that night even with spending a bunch of money on beer and whiskey drinks
Looks like starting tomorrow things will be back into the "winter time between snowfalls" where there isn't much to do! All my equipment is good to go except installing ECS controls on my Exmark Viking, all invoices are sent/up to date, thankfully I do have a landscape design to get handled coupled with the quotes for that project which entails irrigation installed, complete removal of the existing landscape and the existing lawn and a brand new lawn & landscape.
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