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Dicks like you are the reason good guys like greendoctor leave this site. He has helped a lot of people on here over the years unlike you and a couple other guys who have self esteem issues and constantly try and make yourself feel good by making others feel bad. Don't you have a label to write or off azz wipe.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
You're story is changing, green"doctor". First, you were claiming that there was something about Cl that caused centipedegrass to perform poorly. Now, you're blaming excess salinity and you've dropped the war against Cl only.

It looks like you've confused Cl and salinity. You can have excessive salinity with or without Cl. Cl by itself is not necessarily a problem.

Check the salt index of the fertilizers you're using. KCl does have a higher salt index than any other K source. But, ther story doesn't stop there. Available fert with urea and KCl has a lower salt index than the same analysis with ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate.

So, maybe the conversation should have been about the salt index of different fertilizers if you're managing centipedegrass in excessively saline conditions, and not about chlorine. Am I being picky? I suppose so. But, I think that knowing why we do things seperates professionals from amateurs.
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