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Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
I'm a hour north of roanoke. From what I have seen in my area I'm one of the only ones who wears a uniform, has a logo and slogan, and keeps there equipment clean. I've given only 4 quotes this season and land 1 so far. I know my prices are high than a lot of solos but just a little under the bigger llc. Left a quote yesterday that the lady had another company mow at. I had to ask who did because it was over the top horrible looking. She wouldnt tell me the name but if I get the job it will be on higher quality services and being professional. It is hard to find quality clients in my area. Most people just want it shorter for less. This being my second year I am trying to brand my business and find the quality clients over the large number of I just want it for cheaper clients.
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Some of what you are saying sounds similar to my area. The coal mining has prospered our area somewhat so that helps but there are many people who are on "fixed incomes" and are searching for the cheapest price. Yes, and cut it short too. We grew slowly but steadily so don't despair if you aren't growing in leaps and bounds. Sometimes it's better to grow at a rate you can sustain. One mistake we made was when the economy began to slump, we didn't drop our prices until we had lost a few lawns that could have still been profitable at a lower price. We were getting top dollar for lawns but then the downturn began. But even with lower income, you can still do well in this business. Of course, you just can't always compete with the "lowballers" that pop up in this day and age. My story is a long one, but most of the lawns I have now are ones we used to cut as an LLC before my siblings moved out of the area. If you build trust, you tend to keep your customer base an establish new just by word of mouth. I wish you well with your business.

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