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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post
There is more to it than just putting something in the box. The box for instance is not free, the packing, the label and the person who has to pack it. Then there are benchmark costs set in place for handling just one part be it a small plastic nozzle or a large frame part. It is very difficult and costly to try and hadle each part and bill on size alone and using postal service is also difficult as they do not want to stop by at 4:30 pm to pickup. So we standardize service. It is all more difficult than it seems on the surface. Just remember each and every order has handling, packing and shipping. Sorry we cannot do it for free. But, I will tell you that this very topic came up at our planning meeting two weeks ago and we are looking into the very thing you want us to fix. So something will happen, give us a little time to work on it.
Your company is the exception. Not the norm. Perhaps you need an outside audit to teach you how to not stick it so hard to your customer base.
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