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Originally Posted by sticklelm View Post
Great advice guys. for me it's been working. But I'll reconsider it.
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Bro, it's not hard to get customers from CL. I really don't think it is your ad design that is doing it. You are simply in the right place at the right time. As soon as the page opened it looked like spam with the guy sitting in the chair (i.e. stock photo). Then at the bottom, the stock photos of people wearing your logo also seems kinda spam-cheese flavored.

The layout of the text on the advert. is horrendously bad. It made me want to get away from it ASAP. You have text going across the ladies face

It doesn't require a genius to mow a yard but if I were looking for lawn care on CL, I would avoid you guys at all costs. Your whole vibe is CHEESY and DISTASTEFUL and you have taken it to such an extent that I would have to believe that it would also carry over to your work .

Sorry for the brutal honesty but that ad is probably hurting you more than it is helping you and you are attributing the leads to the wrong thing.

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