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Rip cutting railroad ties

I am bidding a project for a incomplete wall started by another possibly incompetent contractor.

They sourced 100x irregular railroad ties 6"x8" built the wall, stepped up in some places etc. The courses are finished to various heights. The other contractor backed out when his next load of ties showed up at 7"x9" dimensions. I need to make about 32x 6"x8" railroad ties to level up the top course so I can switch to 7"x9" ties that are available. I've looked everywhere for the 6"x8" ties first contractor used to no avail his work is good and well built but the homeowner said he freaked and quit when his next load of 100 ties 7" x 9" showed up (still on site for me to use)

My two solutions (I've come up with - I'm open for your suggestions) are remove about 45x 6"x8" ties (about 15 deadman also) and level it up from there or rip cut 32x ties to the 6" x 9" dimension and build the wall. I was thinking of purchasing a Makita 5402 NA (16 5/16" circlular saw) to accomplish this figuring I can rip down maybe 4 ties an hour and have them ready to go in 8 hours? Any comments on the Makita saw for rip cuts or am I crazy thinking I can do this? Saw is not cheap but nearby pawn shop does have a nice newer looking one for $400.

Thanks for your comments and ideas!
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