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Stickle, you say the CL ads have been working for you, but I'm seeing several of your CL ad history titles start off with "$19 & UP LAWN CARE MOW, EDGE, BLOW" (your ad posted today, for instance). The $19 price title seems to go against the branding efforts you've been putting a lot of good, solid, effort in to. Are you converting the calls based on those ads or the ones where you don't start off with the $19 rate? I'm always interested in people's varied ad campaign efforts, so I'm interested in how it's been working for you.

Also, re: the giant QR ad that loads at the top of your ad, I'm curious as to what the point is? QR Codes that just lead to the home page don't have a payoff for those scanning. This is especially true given that people visiting the ad are already in a web browser and can just click your link. QR Codes are intriguing and usually have a payoff. It's counterproductive to disappoint people who expect otherwise.

edit/addition: Noticed on my phone that your site does a full load of the slideshow, which takes a bit of time, and only the bottom 1/4 is viewable due to the menu DIV covering it. I thought you fixed them, but I'm seeing the slideshow pics as massive (800k?)
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