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Blowout 52" RH

I'm getting alot of front blowout on my 2009 52" rapid height 19hp. This is my first season with this machine.

Current deck and blade setup is:
Brand New Stock Wright Blades
2 spacers above each blade. 1 Washer below
Front wheels have 1 spacer on top and 1 spacer on bottom of castor.
I'm cutting at 3.00 - 3.25.

I'm cutting alot of different grass this time of year from thick lush bluegrass to thinned out weed infested lawns and I'm constantly getting blowout.

Is there anything I can do with the spacers to make it better?

Also is there a hi lift or super hi lift that is recommended? I'm having to do a lot of double cutting because of clipping dispersal.

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