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DieselIMDX, you're not over your head at all. You just need a good program to follow, complete with dates. Basically, you'll be scalping, seeding, and starter fertilizing on day one. Thirty days later you'll be starter fertilizing again. From there, your treatments will come at 30 day intervals.

This program does work extremely well as I've seen it in action many times over the past 7 years or so. The biggest problem is cost. If you have a small lawn, the cost won't be so bad. If you have a 15,000 or bigger lawn, the cost will bite you 'cause the seed and Tupersan are not cheap (and the Tupersan has to be done twice). If you've got a lawn that size, you may want to consider holding off until September 1st. It's all in what your wallet will dictate. On September 1st, you can use a regular Starter Fertilizer WITHOUT Tupersan (Siduron) such as Lesco's 18-24-12 (covers 12,000 sq. feet) which is a LOT cheaper (around $40.00 per bag) and it'll go a lot farther.

If you decide to do that, follow this treatment plan.

September 1st - Scalp lawn and remove clippings. Slice seed bare/weakened areas with seed that matches your lawn (Blue for the front & 50/50 for the rear). Starter Fertilizer - 18-24-12.

October 1st - Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12

November 1st - 21-3-21 + 2% Iron (Winterizer)

This will come in without competing against Mother Nature's crap and you'll get a much better job, plus it'll be cheaper.

You can seed/fertilize anyway that you want and my program isn't the "be all and end all" of lawn programs. However, I've done enough of this stuff and have seen the results to know that these programs will work.
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