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But I could say the same thing about the 70K boat sitting in my driveway with 20K worth of tackle inside of it plus the countless months and years I've dedicated throughout my life being the best fisherman on the lake.

But every time I cash a check in a tourney or bring home a limit of fish for dinner I could say it would have been alot cheaper to pay a charter over and over for that limit of fish but guess what is WAY more satisfying?

I kind of look at it the same way.

A couple of my friends own landscaping companies and I can't hardly get them to come over to do anything for me even for money, they will drink beer with me and go fishing but they leave work out of it so I'm taking matters into my own hands and figuring things out myself that way I know it will get done right....eventually even if I may screw up along the way, I'll take my lumps.

Who's to say the guy I call is a pro? Not everyone is good at what they do you know, many guys are hacks and dare I say too dumb to do anything else but cut grass and fling fertilizer?

Get it?
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