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Originally Posted by Tom Tom View Post
Will your root zone/soil reservoir hold enough useable water with just twice a week watering?

In the heat of the summer will the smt try to apply almost 1" of water per watering day? Can your soil absorb that much water?
It really doesn't matter what the answers to these questions are because the purveyor gets to make the rules and their rule is water 2x a week only. But, the answers are -

It depends, at this property yes.

It will try to apply as much water as it thinks it needs, if that's 1", that's what it will try to do but it will cycle/soak based on the soil type (which we tell it during setup). This site has loamy sand so getting that much water in wouldn't be a problem with an 8 hour window, or even the 4 I've been giving it.
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