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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Thanks Mick, so do you think this would be unrelated to suspension squatting? & more likely the tyre pressure or deck not levelled correctly.

I have had the thought all along that as the wheels are raised the deck raises with the wheels, but I didnt know how successful that would be. Then I saw this guy cutting and assumed it would be set up correctly with even tyre pressures, so that left suspension as the cause. But im hoping its not related to suspension!!
I havent operated one mate so I dont know. All I do know is every SZ Ive had terraced badly.
I would assume that if the deck is connected to the wheels, it "should" follow the contours with the wheels. Problem start when there is low pressure and weight which changes the tires dynamics. Then add how far the deck sticks out from the casters/wheels.
Put it this way, if there were solid casters on all 4 corners of the deck, then you wouldnt get terracing.
But Im only guessing on the Ferris as I havent even seen one operating.
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