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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
When figuring job costs do you factor in the envolope, stamp, time to do billing, or is it free?

If they raise the $17 part to $32 and then charge $5 for shipping will you complain that the part is overpriced?

What I try to do is when I'm ordering a little thing, then order a bunch of little things. Spares etc. Spreads the shipping cost over more items.

And yes I have spent $200 to get a part tomorrow without complaining if that what it took to make money the next day.
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Of course it's figured into our cost. But it isn't that dominating of a percentage of our work. I cannot believe the defense of this shady type of business. Not when LT Rich gets me small parts out the same day and the shipping and handling is minuscule compared to what Turfco is doing. And the parts are not overpriced. They are on par with just about anywhere you could get them.
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