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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Took the day off today, the lawns were too wet this morning after a long night of rain and rain this morning. I have tomorrow to make it up, but with I am not sure that is going to happen either if the forecast is correct.
This is generally the time of year I start printing the old "proper watering practices" paper to hand out on the route when I come to dry lawns because people have either failed to care or failed to turn their irrigation back on to twice a week. Things they are a changing. If you thought you were busy before......well it will be here now. For you newbies is when you screen your clients on the phone the best you can before rushing over to give a estimate, because every late payer in the county will realize that their lawn is a foot tall and hire the first sucker to arrive it does not matter because they will not be paying
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