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Originally Posted by Without A Drought View Post
just got one myself. still getting used to it.
i like the Peak signal option. havent used broadcast yet. earphones seem flimsy, and the reverse holding of the receiver unit throws me off.

that said, i'm sure it will grow on me, just need some time. me and the 521 were very close, gonna take some time to get used to my new girl

The 800 has 2 reception modes and i use them both daily. Just today i lost null in heavy congestion, pressed peak and continued on.

Comparing peak and null helps to verify accuracy. You can read that in their manual. I KNOW ITS THERE!

Broadcast gets used a lot more than i thought it would. If you can place it on its hinge over the target it becomes somewhat directional. Lifting or removing the far end of the wire helps as does tracing single wire paths.

I used the 800 maybe 30-50 times today. I most times turn it on for just a minute or 2 and then turn it off.

Today i found either 10 or 11 valves and only put 2hrs max on the 800. Works great without the headset.
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