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ff, we lost the fight for sure. They want $15,000, plus $2000 in interest and so far they have clawed back another $2000 in bits and pieces. It took over a year and we still have very little idea what we did wrong. They just gave us a number and said we owe it and payment is due in 15 days. Then ever third day or so we received another love letter clawing back other stuff like baby bonus, tax credits, low income refund etc. I'm afraid to get the mail anymore. I told the tax gentleman that they were really encouraging people to do cash business. I also told him we might start back up doing chemical spraying then I could afford to pay his taxes. We deal with another bigger company now. Did I mention we had a GST audit too, lost that one as well.
We're hoping for a better year this year, cutting lose any customers that even look sideways at us.
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