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Ouch... and once Rev Can has you in their sights, they never forget. Good luck getting thru the hell of that. Even though my books are 100% clean and legit, I wouldn't want to go through an all out audit; way too much detail stuff that I don't want to deal with.

Had a commercial customer go through a GST audit and Rev Can called me to verify invoices. I told the agent that I could fax copies over to him and he sounded surprised that I was legit enough for that and told me not to bother. Ran into the customer about a year later and he looked like hell... probably lost 50 lbs...he thanked me for backing him on those invoices... and told me that they were going through his previous years stuff and I might get called again...

The moment I give the gov't more money that I make, that's the moment I'm done....
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