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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
I just bought a 3100 with the 32 Vanguard for $10,500 but it was one of his demo units he got some money off.... The new 3100 with the isolated foot platform is a lot nicer to run you feel no vibrations in you legs.... The 32 has plenty of power for me and the new seat on it is real soft and comfortable... I'm fixing to put the suspension insert on my... I would say it is in the 1.5 to 1.7 gph range...
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Isolated foot platform....Are you nuts....

Its an access panel to get to the zerk on the center spindle. Has a fab hinge on the front and a threaded knob on the back with two rubber mounts so it's not steel on steel.

Not sure i like it yet, mine doesn't have it and it is a pain to get to the center spindle but i'll live.

I hope a dealer didnt tell you it was an isolated foot platform....There is not vibe in mine.
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