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Getting back to the original Question. In order to answer your question on which Manufacturer's Blend is worth the asking Price. We need Fertilizer Labels to compare. What the Blend is derived from and the Minor Elements included make all the difference in quality and Price. Fertilizer is one produce you never get more than what you pay for. However you can get a lot less than you pay for.
Attached at the bottom are each of the fertilizer labels.

The K is derived from MOP in both products.

The Fertilome has more trace elements listed but is significantly more expensive. The label does not list chlorine content.

The Lesco has less trace elements and is significantly less expensive. The label lists 11.25% chorine max.

I'm not sure how you guys bill your customers, but I've always billed my customers my actual cost of the fertilizer plus my labor to put it out. That's usually a $40.00 minimum labor charge for dispersing up to 40 lbs. plus $10.00 for each additional 40 lbs., then add the cost of fertilizer.

Given the cost of these two products, I know the customer will prefer the Lesco.

I've been in this business for a while now but I had never even heard of Lesco products until a few weeks ago when I noticed Lesco was popular while perusing this site.

The local Farm Supply has always pushed the Fertilome 15-0-15 to all of us local lawn care guys and that's what we've always used.

It's good to know I can offer the customer a less expensive, professional product.

The Lesco is going to be quite a hike for me to get but I'll load up on it and make it worth the trip.

Thank You,

Rod J
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