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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
You totally missed 32vld's point.

Still waiting for an answer to Roger's question from you guys that insist 7 days a week is absolutely necessary.
Earning $11 hour working all those hours. 8 hours at straight time then about 10 more hours at straight time.

Business would be bankrupt if he had to get paid time and a half for everything past 8 hours each day. At those numbers even if he had an employee his business is not generating the money to pay over time that is being worked.

Again his hourly rates appear to low.

I do snow removal. It snows. You work Sunday's, holiday's. This does not happen that often so you miss out on an occasional Sunday. There still is plenty of quality time for wife and family.

Now to be honest I mow Tue Wed and Thur. Friday is my rainout day and up sell work day. Monday is for upsell. This means I usually only work T,W,T.

The ocassional job where I need a crew I may have to work on the weekends because my 2 adult son's, and a friend of theirs is available.

So far I have worked 1 Saturday this season. This coming Saturday because of man power needs I will be working another Saturday.

So if I work the occasional Saturday or Sunday I am only working 4 days a week. Because I am not getting a steady 40 hours of work Mon through Fri I do not mind putting in some week end time.

Though if I had 4 full for days of work, M - Thr. Then Friday's for rain outs and up sell. The occasional Saturday would then become rare. Pretty much Sat's would only be for the jobs too big to do solo and the time contraints require that the job gets done in one day instead of being dragged out.

Life is a balance. Many of those that want and can work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for 6 months, quite often do not see that how their absence has a negative impact on their family.

Remember the Harry Chapin, Cat in the Craddle song?

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