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The disease problems flared up here just over 2 weeks ago when we had the 3 days of 85-88 degrees with high humidity. It has since gone inactive with the slightly cooler days but the damage it left behind is still evident, even though slight.

I have had both Pythium and Large Patch(for years we called it brown patch) in some of my Zoysias. Confirmed by UofA Lab

We have about a 21 day window and I figure the heat and humidity will be back soon so I applied fungicide Monday and Tuesday this week to 5 or 6 lawns.

Apparently, other LCO's in town are having a bit more trouble with it. They've been applying too much N to lawns and know it(have even admitted it to me and some of their customers). I've picked up a handful of their former customers who have been fighting disease problems for the last few years with expensive fungicide apps from their former lawn care providers. To say they're upset is an understatement
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