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I don't want to steer the thread too far off (op, sorry bout this),but here are some things that I can answer for you-
1- the cast iron JD uses is nodular cast iron, and very, very tough. I have never ever seen a cast iron axle or frame part broken on any JD going back over 40 years. It may have happend, but I have yet to see it in person

2- You will not wreck a JD frame doing any regular mowing operstion. No bending/twisting it like you can a tubular frame unless you do something beyons stupid with it. I'd put it against any frame out there. Those big C channels are thick,tall, and strong. The bolts make replacing anything that should ever need it easier to do at lower cost, and relieve a lot of torsional stress on the frame

3- The R model also has cross porting to keep the hydro's cooler while side hilling

4- the electric lift is really nice, (and smooth/fast) but no feathering. It's up or down. The handles that have the EL and PTO kill switch are very comfortable to use

5- That cast iron bumper is technically an after thought I guess. They added it to make side hilling and traction much, much better than on the previous 800 series machines. I love it. It protects the rear of the machine and it does make traction much better

6- I have no financial interests in JD, nor do I like the corporation itself. Too many bean counters with no real world experience making too many important decisions

7- I am simply pointing out that for a machine designed for cutting lawns in all sorts of conditions, you'll have to look long and hard to do better as long as you get the FF's and Sus seat

Edited to add: I forgot to answer you about the clippings. I have yet to see any carpet looking mess left behind. It may be due to the places I cut vs where you do, but discharge is not an issue with the 7 Iron. It is excellent in that regard. I have the MOD deck and have the ability to tailor it to almost any condition/set-up

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