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Originally Posted by ashgrove landscaping View Post
Simmer down naw!!! It is easily possible to live very comfortably on 35000. I have a mortgage, a family and pay my bills. Also have expensive hobbies like mountain biking and skiing as well as my son into the same. I dare you to call me a welfare family to my face!!! Just because I have intelligence with my money to say it's a welfare wage?? For reference you are generalizing so I believe you are talking to me since you are speaking in those terms. "Honor" as you say will leave you with no family and an alimony payment. Time with your family is priceless and you will never ever get that time again. So have fun working your life and family away. Don't insult people for working the best they can and actually like spending the most time they can with their family. Just because you don't understand how to maximize your dollar doesn't mean other folks are poor or don't provide.

Well said , Half the people on here don't own there stuff free and clear
I made 30k net last year is what I paid myself and That not what the business made I'm Inc.During winter time when there no snow I'm drawing employment
But when there is work to be done I'll work 7 days
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