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Originally Posted by hi_speedreed View Post
you guys are crazy. if i had to work 7 days a week to make it I would sell it all and go back to my old job. You either have too many bills or you just love money. 3-4 days a week 5 max and that only happens a couple times a year.
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You must be a mow guy only
I can mow my stuff in 4 days avg of 1500-2000 per day just for mowing That gives me 3 days for installs lawn treatments and other odd jobs
Lot of times I do other stuff till 10am or so then mow. Doing this makes my mowing last more then 4 days

This only job I ever had I was born in this type of work. My father was born in this type of work. My son was born in this Now even my grand daughter
This all I know is to work when you have work to do.
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