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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
From what I read the forks and the seat are an option across the board. After running FFs I find it hard to go back to a ridged front end.

I'm concerned and not to sure about the electric deck lift and handle mount control switches. It looks like just another gadget to go bad. I also float my deck a lot on my SZ with FF turning, stopping, over roots, etc. so I'm not sure you have a way to float the R deck since it looks to be all electric? This may cause a problem when adding FF. I'm actually rethinking that I may consider the M instead of the R but I'd be loosing more speed yet which I don't like.

If it weren't for the deck and positive write ups about them from good folks like you I wouldn't give them a second look. Too much plastic for my liking. Small gas tank. Everything is bolted together (frame). I've seen my share of cast metals breaking where tube steel is rarely an issue unless a faulty weld is involved. I've always thought the rear bumper was an after thought. I can't say I've heard of problems caused by this it's just how it looks to my eye. JD also ticks me off when it comes to their heavy ag stuff and I'm sure this trickles down to mowers and such. But I've been told more than once that because they're so large a company they have items like bearings and the like made just slightly off in size from common bearings so that when one fails you have no choice but to buy from them. Good business planing but if the part costs twice as much shame on them.

But hey, if they cut the best and make my clippings magically disappear my rear end may be in a yellow seat

That rear cast iron bumper adds a tremendous amount of hillside traction. I demoed one with and one without and I would make sure you got one with the bumper. Another issue I had was the front end started to come up on me and I jerked the handles back to bring it back down and get the F off the hill. Same hill I have been mowing up for year with my 160Z. My 460 gets light on that hill but doesnt come up. The 160 is even better.
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