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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Hmmmm...I smell a fish....
We run Mobil 1 15/50 in all our aint turnin black..
Mobil didnt change their formula for making 15W50...
Im wondering if Exmark altered something in their hydro system hose materials or filters that reacts adversely to regular Mobil 1.???
It sure would make it easier to sell their own brand of hydro fluid...wouldnt it...??
Reminds me of the old Ajax commercial...shakes out white...turns blue...
Wouldn't doubt it at all. I used the Exmark fluid for my hydro fluid change last year. One month later lost a pump, coincidence? I think so. Regardless I switched back to Mobil 1 just for the fact I get it for about $5 a quart when buying the 5 quart jug and being able to get it anytime vs $8 plus a quart and having to go to the dealer.

Wondering since Exmark has their own hydro fluid does Toro as well?
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