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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post
I am wondering was this an overnight shipment or plain ole ground shipment? I am also wondering what a local dealer charges to ship parts to you? Any thoughts on this guys? We will be looking into this some help here would be nice.
I work with the local dealer with parts I order to put on a stock order (no frieght charge).

I would think the direct source your set up like would copy a Jthomas set up. $10 shipping one size fits all (for most things). I can order 21 blades and costs $10 to ship, even though due to weight I would think it costs more then the $10. They win some and lose some I guess.

$10 flat rate (for most) you wouldn't get grief.

Also a pre season spare parts order over $100 (or something like that) gets free shipping would maybe get guys to think spares and reduce timely/stressfull (for both parties) during the season. Lt rich does a 10% off preseason parts orders till march 1st or something like that.

I just bought the ls22 and xt5 and I know before the busy fall I will be buying spares. A 10% off would push more to think ahead.
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