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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
JD isn't totally out o the picture. I bled green and yellow for a long time. Dealer was great and not that far away. They just haven't had enough "PRO's" to counter their "CON's" for me. I'd like some more EFI choices for sure. Why they refuse to use the 29hp Kohler EFI for example, is just ridiculous.
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My post was in responce to mtmower's questions to me, but I agree with you about this. It must either be a bulk buy contract deal with Kawi, or they are just trying to use up NOS Kohler EFI engines before making any production changes. Still, it seems they could add other EFI options to their lineup. I much prefer Kawi over Kohler, and Kawi does make all their engines in DFI as well as carbed now, but the DFI isn't as fuel efficient as the EFI engines from everything I've read.

Why Kawi doesn't use EFI in their vertical shaft engines is beyond me. They make them in LQ horizontal shaft models. I've owned a few so far. They've been great relaible engines and start easily. Never had one smoke on start up or at any other time either.
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