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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
You may have read it, but you didn't understand it. The allowed water times doesn't have to be "even".
No, you're not understanding me. I didn't say the allowed watering times needed to be even, I said the example that you pointed to gave restrictions for watering only on even days but not on Wed, with a watering window of like 10P - 4A or something. I'm not restricted to only watering on even days or only 1 day, my restrictions span 2 days. If I'm allowed to water from 8P Sun - 4A Mon and I tell the controller it's allowed to water on Sun and Mon, but no other days, and then I tell it that the allowed watering window is 8P - 11:45P and 12A - 4A, like the example you pointed to, then it's going to water when I'm allowed but it is also going to water from 12A - 4A Sun when I'm not allowed to and from 8P - 11:45P Mon when I'm not allowed to. This is my problem and you're example on Page 18 does not solve it.
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